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New Louson Drums products in for Spring 2018

Now that winter is finally starting to turn to spring, we're seeing more and more orders coming in. The nicer weather definitely helps our business. Our previous customers tend to take our instruments out with them more when its warmer outside.  That means more people see them, ask about them, and end up turning into our newest customers themselves! We have some great new products for you to take out with you on your spring adventures! We added over a dozen Poured Series CajonTabs® to our online store. These drums always fun for us to make, as you never really know what you're going to get with a poured acrylic paint technique.  Shop the Poured Series collection We're also very excited...

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A Busy Summer 2017 for Louson Drums

Since we introduced our CajonTab with external snare in the spring of 2017, our company has been experiencing a surge in new interest!We started the summer season off at the Three Rivers Arts Festival as one of only two musical instrument entries. It was a long and hot 5 days but it was also a great time!  We were there from June 7 through June 11. We sent dozens of drums home with their new owners and felt like we had generated quite a buzz at the Festival!In addition to the crowds at the festival, we also had the privilege of being interviewed by our local NPR station, WESA 90.5 fm in Pittsburgh. A short segment from the interview ran while...

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CajonTab with Snare: Introducing an external floating snare mechanism for cajon.

I'm very happy right now.We've been working hard for months to narrow down our preferred snare mechanism for cajon drums and our CajonTabs. I'm so pleased to say, I think we finally have it!Our design is a little bit "outside the box", if you will. (pun very intended). Check out the floating snare: We settled on this design for a few reasons. To begin with, a cut snare design (which are most of the affordable cajon drums on the market) is very often a very buzzy and rattly affair. The loose snare ends tend to bend away from the tapa every so slightly and a simple bass tone can often set your entire snare mechanism to rattling. This phenomena is less...

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