About the CajonTab®

Our CajonTabs® come in various sizes. The 10" size has the highest pitch with the brightest snare tone.

We recommend the 10" size if you want a very small drum for travel, if you want your snare sound to be high and bright like a marching snare, or for beginners.

The 12" CajonTab®

Not too big, not too small

We recommend the 12" drum as our "all-purpose" CajonTab®.  Its not nearly as large as the 14" bass edition or a full size cajon drum, but it can still kick out a decent thump while maintaining a poppy snare tone.

Pro Series CajonTabs®

The Top Shelf

Drums designated as "Pro Series" have a few differences.  Instead of a plywood frame, these drums are made from solid wood.  We also add an extra inch of depth to the frame, making the tone even deeper and more resonant.

"E Equinox" steel handpan

Full size cajon drums

Yes, we make those too!

Unlike other cajon drums, our cajon design utilizes our unique patented external snare design!  This external placement gives our cajon more snare projection.  Plus its super easy to remove the snare! Just reach down and take it off!

Blog posts

Yes, you can help us promote the CajonTab®!

Yes, you can help us promote the CajonTab®!

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July BOGO promotion and Stop Hate For Profit campaign

July BOGO promotion and Stop Hate For Profit campaign

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It's Patented!

Check it out!