Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CajonTab®?

A CajonTab® is a portable, wearable cajon drum. A cajon drum is a wooden box drum with a thin, playable surface and a sound hole. Traditionally, cajon drums are played while sitting. However, we've designed the CajonTab® to be a portable, easy to transport alternative. While a full size cajon can't be beat for booming low tones, our portable version will can easily go with you wherever you go. 

Does the strap come with it?

Yes, our drums include a complimentary black guitar strap.

How do you ship your drums?

By default our method of shipping in the US is with USPS Priority Mail, which will reach most places in the US in 2-3 business days.  We currently offer free shipping on orders over $250 to the US. We also offer international shipping via DHL or USPS Priority Mail International for an additional charge. The shipping estimate will be generated at checkout before payment is made.

Whats the difference between the 10" and 12" size drums?

The 10" size is an all-purpose size. It has good separation between bass tone and slap tone, produces a clean and crisp snare tone, and is lightweight and easy to carry.

The 12" size produces a lower bass tone as well as lower slap tones. If the 10" inch drum is an alto, the 12" is a tenor.

Do you sell carry bags for the CajonTab®?

Yes, you can buy one here.

Where are you located and how can I try a CajonTab® before I buy one?

Our workshop is outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, you can find our drums at Waddell's Music, Brighton Music Center, and Peterson's Music Shop in Mercer. You may also contact us to schedule a demo at our workshop. We frequently attend craft festivals around Pittsburgh where you may demo our instruments as well. Check our Facebook page for upcoming shows.

Alternatively, you can take advantage our our 60-day return policy to try our drums for yourself. We only ask that the customer pays for return shipping and we will issue a refund. This allows you the chance to see and hear the drum for yourself without making a full commitment for the entire purchase price. We're confident you'll love our drums. 

Where can I read reviews about the CajonTab®?

If you're looking for a review in a major publication, you won't find one. We're still a small, local company with a limited national awareness. The best place to learn about us is from our past customers. The reviews on our product pages are all verified buyers via the Yotpo review platform. 

How do I take care of my CajonTab®?

The CajonTab® is a wooden instrument and should be treated as such; this means taking care not to leave it in extremes of heat or humidity. Try to protect the tapa (the thin playing surface) when it is not in use. Do not allow the drum to fall onto sharp or hard objects, as the tapa may be pierced easily. Do not pull or bend the snare wires and avoid allowing them to be snagged on anything, as they can easily be bent. The elastic bands used for the snare are simple black hair ties which can easily be replaced if broken or lost. If you require additional adhesive tape for the snare wire, contact us and we will be happy to send you some.

How do you play a CajonTab®?

You can play it with the strap attached while standing, with it resting across your lap while sitting, or even one a snare drum stand with soft brushes. Striking the drum near the corners produces a higher pitched "slap" tone while striking towards the center makes a lower "bass"tone. The sound hole cover can also be adjusted to change the pitch. We recommend experimenting with the drum. You will discover numerous ways to create different tones, such as dragging your hand across the tapa for a "swish" sound, or using your knuckles to create a sharp knock.

Where do I buy a CajonTab®?

Right on this site! Louson Drums is the maker of the CajonTab®. You can buy the 10" model, which we call the "Standard" here or the 12" model which we call the "Jumbo" here.