CajonTab® Videos

First up is the CajonTab® with snare video that launched our company, which we still advertise to this day. This video was taken in early 2017 and is the first time we showed off our external snare design.  We soon started receiving orders every day for our CajonTab®! This is a 10 inch CajonTab®

And here is master of percussion Kalani Das taking a look at our 12" CajonTab® as well as our Bongo CajonTab®:

Here is another great Kalani demo of the 12" CajonTab®

Here is another demo video of a 12 inch Pro Series CajonTab®


 Our drums can optionally include a pair of wooden click snare castanets. We sell them as a bundle with the standard 10 and 12 inch CajonTabs® or as an add-on for $10.

The click castanets also come in bubinga: 10 inch CajonTab with bubinga click snare or as an add-on for $19


Louson Drums also makes full sized cajon drums! The cajon drums in this video are our standard baltic birch cajon drums.  They pack a big punch and the external snare design really projects the snare tone!