New bass edition CajonTab® and more

Winter feels like its going by fast. We can't wait for warmer weather! Our drums really enjoy being outside.  Spring is coming soon and we're getting ready with a new size CajonTab®: the bass edition!

Many of our visitors have already seen our pre-order advertisements on Facebook or from one of our emails. We're really excited to bring you a CajonTab® that is large enough to accommodate a CajonPort. which is a third party product designed to enhance the low end frequencies and resonance of a cajon.  This product is usually too large for a small and portable cajon... so we made the small and portable cajon as big as we thought we could get away with!

Of course, we could have just kept going with the size but at some point you're just walking around with a traditional cajon on your chest! 

We swapped the snare attachment out for the port, allowing this drum to resonate to the maximum. Any snare system naturally dampens the vibration. We wanted to focus on clean, smooth bass tones for this model. 

That doesn't mean this drum has no pop! Slapping along the edges produces a distinctly higher pitch with a greatly enhanced internal reverb effect due to the larger inner chamber.

We're offering this drum for sale now at

Louson Drums is also working on a few new designs to feed your creative side. In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out new designs for our CajonTab snare system, including ways to add new sounds to your CajonTab such as castanet and tambourine option!

The CajonTab® is will be a platform for percussive creativity! Stay tuned!