History of the cajon drum

Like many musical instruments, the cajon drum has a rich history. Although there are no definitive documents stating when the first actual cajon drum was played, historians typically point to the African people from Central and Western Africa living under slavery in18th century Peru as the drums originators. There is some controversy over whether the first new world cajon drums were adaptations of African box drums or an instrument of necessity to evade colonial bans on slaves owning musical instruments. In fact the word "cajon" simply means "box" or "drawer".

Cajon drums grew in popularity throughout South America and the Caribbean through the 19th century. In the 20th century, cajon drums were introduced to Spanish Flamenco music and have thrived as a natural complement to the style.

Today the cajon is more popular than ever.  Industry data shows a rise in cajon sales in the US and around the world. The cajon is especially surging in popularity in Asia and North America.

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