Yes, you can help us promote the CajonTab®!

Since 2017, Louson Drums has been investing heavily in online advertising through traditional social media and search outlets like Facebook and Google.  These advertisers offer immediate access to millions of potential customers, and they have become exceedingly sophisticated in their targeting and analytics to put the right person in front of the right ad.

This has been great for us! We've gained hundreds if not thousands of customers from these advertisers.  But the financial cost has become increasingly harder and harder to justify.  My father Ed and I have been sacrificing our own share of the profits year after year to these advertisements, because we believe the CajonTab® can really change how people enjoy percussion in the world. We also believe that if we could gain a customer base, we would finally have enough exposure in the market to gain enough word of mouth sales to not need the expensive online advertisements.  

I think in 2022, after several thousand CajonTabs have found new homes out in the world, we may finally be reaching that point. Our customers contact us all the time and tell us they want to help us promote our instruments.  We love and appreciate all of you! 

Louson Drums would love your help, if you are offering!

We've launched an affiliate program (more details here) that allows our customers, social media influencers, music professionals, or anyone else who loves our drums to earn 10-15% when they send someone to us and they buy an instrument.

To sign up, visit this link:

We are so grateful for your support.  If you would like more info on the affiliate program, please contact me at 

p.s. You're welcome to use the 10% discount for yourself. Just sign up for the affiliate program and follow your own affiliate link and the discount should be automatically applied.

How to Promote:

There are several ways to promote via the affiliate program:

  1. Social Media: Create a video of yourself playing the CajonTab®, explaining its features, why you like it, etc.  Post it with your affiliate link and/or affiliate 10% off coupon code.
  2. In Person: If you are a performer who is constantly being asked about your CajonTab, tell them to go to our website and use your coupon code for 10% off.  You will get credit for the sale if they use the coupon code.
  3. Website, live-streaming, etc:  Twitch, TikTok, YouTube live, etc are all amazing place to entertain people with the CajonTab®.  Just be sure to mention your coupon code, or affiliate link.