Small cajon options

Louson Drums makes several different sizes of CajonTab® as well as a full sized cajon.  Our CajonTab® drums are portable versions of the traditional cajon drum.  The photo below shows a 12" Pro Series Cherry CajonTab

The size of cajon you purchase should depend on your need for portability, your need for bass tone, and perhaps your hand size.

If you are primarily concerned with a big booming bass tone, the traditional sit down cajon may be best for you.  The bigger the drum, the lower the bass tone.  If you want to fill the room with your bass tone, we suggest a sit down cajon drum.

The next step down from full size is our 14 inch Bass Edition CajonTab®.  This drum is essentially a 3/4 size cajon with a carry strap!  It is our bulkiest "portable" CajonTab®.  The bass edition is great as a lap cajon as well.

For more portability, we have both 12" and 10" CajonTabs®.  These are the most popular sizes for travel, as they weigh around 4 pounds and can more easily fit into luggage or a backpack for travel.

Check out the 10" CajonTab here and the 12" CajonTab here.