Louson Drums: a bootstrap company case study

Sometimes when I think back on the history Louson Drums, I am amazed at how events unfolded in our favor.  There was a great deal of hard work and persistence involved in growing Louson Drums from an idea to a real world percussion company with an actual brick and mortar store in Pittsburgh.

We started with an idea for a portable cajon drum which became the CajonTab®.  At first, in 2015 and 2016, we were primarily selling our instruments locally at craft shows and pop up events.  We quickly realized that our design was very well received and we moved to the next stage; reaching a national market online.  Thanks to social networks and rapid sharing of information, we were able to  successfully implement some video ad campaigns that fueled our company growth throughout 2017-2019.

The Louson Drums story is an example of a successful start up venture with a very small initial investment.  We really did build this company up from the ground floor.  I'm very proud of how far we've come, but success also requires a bit of good fortune.  We were lucky to receive a Best in Show award at Summer NAMM 2018 as well as some great dealers and vendors who have been helping us reach a broader audience.  I'm very excited to keep growing Louson Drums, one CajonTab® at a time!

For 2020, we have reduced our everyday price on the 10" CajonTab® to $159.  The 12" CajonTab® is now $189.

Thanks for your interest in our drums!

Carson Cashman

CEO, Louson Drums