The 10 inch CajonTab® with external snare

The 10 inch size CajonTab® is our most portable size. It has the brightest snare of all our models. 

This drum has a punchy and crisp snare tone but also a pleasing bass tone.  The tone of the drum can also be adjusted by opening or closing the adjustable sound port cover. This extra control over the sound of your drum allows you to dial in to accompany other instruments or find the sound you're looking for.

This drum is recommended for people with smaller to average hands.  For players with large hands or who are looking for a drum with lower lows and a more subtle snare, we recommend the 12 inch Jumbo model.

This drum is best if you are looking for:

  • a very lightweight and convenient drum for travel
  • a very crisp, bright snare to cut through other instruments or voices
  • a smaller drum for smaller hands
  • a personal practice drum, great for practicing finger technique


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