New Louson Drums products in for Spring 2018

Now that winter is finally starting to turn to spring, we're seeing more and more orders coming in. The nicer weather definitely helps our business. Our previous customers tend to take our instruments out with them more when its warmer outside.  That means more people see them, ask about them, and end up turning into our newest customers themselves!

We have some great new products for you to take out with you on your spring adventures!

We added over a dozen Poured Series CajonTabs® to our online store. These drums always fun for us to make, as you never really know what you're going to get with a poured acrylic paint technique. 

Shop the Poured Series collection

We're also very excited to show off our new hard maple click snare attachments. These are designed to attach either to the snare bar face or the side of the drum to act as a sort of clicker castanet. The hard maple wood creates a crisp and pleasing clap, and rebounds instantly. Its like a miniature hard maple diving board!

These attachments can be purchased on their own for use on your own cajon or CajonTab®, or preinstalled on on of our drums. The click snares can even be used on a guitar body or any other flat wooden surface. 

Although its just a piece of wood, we do put some love into it. The hard maple is hand sanded and finished on the top side.  We leave the bottom unfinished for a natural wood tone.

These drums are available now!

View the 10" CajonTab® with hard maple snare

View the 12" CajonTab® with hard maple snare

View the hard maple click snares individually

We are also hard at work building up our inventory of Pro Series drums, but it takes us some time.  Each drum is given quite a bit of individual attention.  We're so very happy about the need to build up our inventory, though! We've been accepted into some great arts and crafts festivals this year, and we want to make sure we have a variety of instruments to show everyone!

We will be updating our Pro Series inventory periodically throughout the spring and summer. If you check back in from time to time, you'll see the new drums we've been working on. Here's one of our recent favorites that sold quickly. Its an ambrosia maple (the light wood) and walnut (dark center strip) frame with an included shaker snare.  As the name implies, the snare can be removed and used as a shaker or given to someone else to play! Its a fun drum and we were happy to see it found a new home so quickly!

View more of the Pro Series collection.

Oh, and if you're reading this... 

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