New percussion options: Shaker Snare and mini cajon shakers

If you are looking for an interesting percussion instrument, check out our new CajonTab with external shaker snare.

The shaker snare fits either the 10 inch CajonTab or 12 inch CajonTab, and also works on full size cajon drums! (We sell them as a stand-alone shaker/snare addition for a $59)

The shaker snare provides the same snare sound as our standard external snare.  However, if you hit the snare bar itself the drum makes a separate shaker sound from the peas inside the shaker snare. This gives the player another tone to work with.  

The shaker snare can also be removed and used as a wooden shaker with several different shaker sounds, depending on how the shaker is held.

 We are also working on building up an inventory of our mini cajon shakers.

These little guys are perfect stocking suffers!  We can make these with your business or organization's logo on them as well! Just contact us for a quote!

These aren't your typical plastic, mass produced shakers. These are made from solid poplar, as well as the same high quality mahogany/poplar plywood we use for our tapa material on all our drums.  

Using different thicknesses of wood throughout the construction allows for different tones to be made depending on how the shakers are held.  The shakers can also be held with one hand and clapped into the other like a tambourine. When played as a pair, the player may use paradiddles or other patterns for unique accompany percussion. They may also be tapped against each other for a wood-knock tone.

This shaker packs a ton of versatility into a small space and is a great addition to your traveling percussion quiver!

Buy one handmade mini cajon shaker for $25, or buy the pair for $39.