CajonTab 12
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CajonTab 12" Pro Series - Solid Purpleheart wood with snare

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This 12" Pro Series in solid purpleheart wood is a real crowd pleaser.

Purpleheart, as its name implies, is a vivid shade of purple and is also known as a quality sound wood. Purpleheart is fairly dense and hard, making it ideal for musical instrument construction.

This drum is 4 inches deep which is an inch deeper than our Standard and Jumbo models. This allows the drum to resonate slightly more than the 3" models. However, the extra size and weight of the wood make the Pro Series more of a "studio" model than our other drums. 

This drum does include a black guitar strap and solid purpleheart snare.

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  • What type of wood is the tapa? Is it solid or ply?

    The tapa is a mahogany/poplar ply, with the flexible poplar as the core.