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CajonTab® 10" with natural external snare

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The 10 inch CajonTab®

Our 10 inch CajonTab® with snare is our original and most popular size drum.  We designed this drum for maximum portability while maintaining a great snare sound and bass tone.  Due to its small size, this drum has a very poppy sound with great projection. We recommend the 10" size CajonTab® for drummers on the go who want a lot of sound without much bulk.

Product Details

  • 10 inch by 3 inch dovetailed birch frame for durability 
  • ultra thin and responsive mahogany/poplar tapa for easy finger rolls 
  • adjustable sound hole cover to change the pitch as well as fuzziness of the snare
  • includes a Louson Drums logo guitar strap for mobile playing
  • removable external snare which may be moved to the bottom of the drum to remove the snare sound.  May also be removed entirely in seconds.
  • lightweight, around 4 pounds

Its all about portability and versatility.


Our primary goal in our design is to provide an ultra-portable percussion instrument that can replace larger, bulkier drums.  Sometimes it just isn't convenient to bring your full size cajon or congas along for the ride.

We want our drums to go with you when you're on your camping adventure or day hike.  We want you to go busking with your friends without lugging a 30 pound drum along. And we want you to have a percussion option that makes sense when playing with acoustic instruments and voice.

About the CajonTab® sizes

The 10 inch CajonTab® is primarily recommended to serve as a hand snare drum. The 12 inch Jumbo CajonTab® and Pro Series CajonTab® are more versatile. They have a lower pitched snare tone but also a lower and deeper bass tone. 
The 14 inch bass edition CajonTab® is thumpy and punchy but less portable.

60-day return policy:

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee.  Try our drums out for yourself. If you don't love them, send them back to us and we'll give you your money back! But don't take our word for it! Check out our over 100 verified purchase reviews on Yotpo, a 3rd party review service.





For more on the CajonTab®, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Order with confidence! We honor returns within 60 days of purchase.  Buy for yourself or buy as a gift knowing you can return the drum if you don't like it. We're confident you'll love our instruments!

-Carson Cashman

CEO, Louson Drums

Questions & Answers

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  • Could thrse be used in a marching band?

    Yes!  They aren't going to be nearly as loud as a marching snare played with drumsticks, but our drums still pack quite a punch!  With the snare engaged the CajonTab has good volume and projection and if multiple drummers were playing at once the volume would of course increase as well!

    Our drums can be a great alternative to the heavier marching equipment.  Our 10 inch CajonTab weighs about 4 pounds.

  • where is the pro series?

    They are here:

  • Does this come with a strap? Any instruction videos?

    Yes, a free strap is included. We have not produced any instructional videos yet, but here are some good videos from percussionist Kalani Das:

  • Can you play sitting down

    Yes, absolutely.  You can play with the CajonTab on your lap, with or without the strap.  I like using the strap for extra security, so the drum can't fall. 

  • Do you have worldwide shipping ...?? Please let me know quiclky!

    Yes, we do ship internationally. After you enter your shipping address when checking out, you will see the shipping expense.  Keep in mind that this does not include any potential import tarriffs or taxes from the destination country.  Check with your local customs office or post office for the rules in your country.