Snare System - Floating External Snare System For Cajon And CajonTab
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Floating external snare system for cajon and CajonTab: birch

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We created the floating external snare system as a quick way to add snare to a cajon drum.

Although designed to work with our CajonTab® line of portable cajon drums, the external snare is a terrific accessory for any cajon.

Installation is simple. Just screw a guitar strap button (included) in to each side of your cajon or CajonTab®, approximately two inches back from the tapa.  We recommend placing the buttons in the bottom third section of the drum.  You can place the snare on the tapa and play it at different locations to find the sound you want.  

After the buttons are installed, the snare can be attached via elastic bands and will remain in place with gentle tension. Adding it or removing it takes seconds. 

We highly recommend our snares as a solution for a cajon with either no snare or a weak snare.  Hear and feel the external snare difference yourself!

We offer a 60 day return policy. If you don't like the external snare, send it back to us for a refund. We're confident you are going to love it.


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  • Hi! I would love to add a floating snare system to my ukulele, which I play in a percussive style. However, 10" is too wide to fit. Any chance you might build me one in a custom size? I need about 6"x2". I'm willing to pay for the customization, because I know it entails extra work for your shop. Let me know!

    I have experimented with this; unfortunately I couldn't get the snare wires to respond after they were cut.  The smaller wires seem too "stiff" to create the snare sound on the uke body.  I've tried a full size snare attachment on a guitar body as well.  The result was that the vibration from the strings through the soundboard would cause the snare wires to sound while playing the guitar.  Not a pleasant sound! Haha.

    Im willing to mess around with the idea more for you, because I think it would be rad! But I'm not sure it's going to work out!

  • What type of metal is the snare mesh! Thanks

    They are steel snare wire, chrome plated.

  • Hey I was just wondering if the snare wires itself is 10 inches or the whole external snare system is 10 inches

    The bar itself is about 10" but the snare wires themselves are about 8"!