CajonTab®️ 10” with bubinga click snare
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CajonTab®️ 10” with bubinga click snare

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CajonTab® 10 inch with bubinga click snare

By adding two dense pieces of super hard bubinga to the snare bar, we've created a modified drum with even more versatility than our original CajonTab® drum!

The click snares work like a diving board, striking against the snare bar when you hit them and quickly rebounding for the next strike.

The bubinga click snares are more dense and heavy than the hard maple click snare.  We love the wood grain and color of bubinga as well.  Its a great contrasting color against either a light background or a dark one, as in this video below with a black snare:

Here is another short clip showing the bubinga click snare:

The CajonTab® 10 inch with bubinga click snare is a great drum for:

  • mobile percussionists and buskers
  • acoustic performers
  • music and percussion students
  • music therapists
  • singer/songwriters 
  • percussion enthusiasts

We ship our drums with a 60-day money back guarantee.  We want you to try the drum out for yourself.  We think you'll love it!  Just pay for return shipping if you don't.

Orders over $250 currently receive FREE SHIPPING! Our drums also include a free Louson Drums logo guitar (drum?) strap!

Questions & Answers

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  • Great innovation. Can the bubinga be back ordered? If so, how long before delivery? Very exciting instrument. Thanks,

    I just updated our inventory; we have two bubinga click snare CajonTabs available at the moment!  We will be creating more click snares soon as well.

  • How does the snare work? does it sit directly on the drum? I'm not sure how you get the snare sound

    Yes! The snare wire rests directly on the face of the drum. The snare is held in place by two elastic bands that give it enough tension to vibrate against the playing surface of the drum when struck, but not so much tension that it chokes the snare off or dampens the drum excessively.

    Its our unique design, with one granted design patent and another patent pending!