CajonTab® 10" with external snare

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The CajonTab® with external snare system is our most versatile drum yet.

Instead of an internal cut snare system typical of many cajon drums, our CajonTab® drum can be easily adapted to accept a floating external snare system. 

In addition to the external snare, we've included an adjustable sound hole mute which can be rotated open or closed.  We recommend a fully closed or almost fully closed sound hole when playing the snare and a fully open sound hole for playing without the snare.

This truly is like having two drums in one. The snare and non snare tones are so completely different!

As an added bonus, our floating external snares can be easily added to any existing cajon or CajonTab®. Simply install strap buttons approximately two inches back from the tapa on your cajon's side and attach the snare with the elastic bands.

You'll be amazed at how good the external snare sounds, and how greatly enhanced your cajon will sound!

We sell the external cajon snare as a stand alone item. 

Buy the CajonTab® w external snare today and enjoy our 60 day return policy. Just send it back to us if you're not satisfied. 

Orders over $99 currently receive free shipping.  Also consider our 12" Jumbo CajonTab with external snare

This drum ships with a free black guitar strap and installed guitar strap buttons.

Update 5/21/2017: We have slightly changed our external snare design. The current design is shown in the photos and not the videos, although the sound is the same. The snare in the product pictures is a solid poplar snare in natural (clear coat) finish.