People ask us if they can help promote Louson Drums and the CajonTab® all the time.  We would love your help! 🥰

Thats why we created the Louson Drums affiliate program!  Sign up and we will send you a unique link that you can use to refer people to our website.  When they visit and buy from us, we credit you with the sale and pay a commission:

$0-$499 in sales referred: 10% commission
$500-$2499 in sales referred: 13% commission
$2500+ in sales referred: 15% commission 

When you sign up, you will also receive a unique coupon code that will be attributed to you.  So not only will your visitors receive the 10% discount automatically when they use your link, you will also be able to include the coupon code in your blog or social media posts.

To sign up, follow the link below:

Louson Drums thanks you for your support!