Solid Mahogany Cajon with External Snare

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Solid mahogany is a lovely wood to behold.  Our solid mahogany Cajon with matching mahogany tapa is a real crowd pleaser.

Known as an excellent wood for musical instruments, mahogany is a very important wood in the construction of all our cajons. We use a mahogany plywood for our tapa material.  It's strong, resilient, and works very well as an ultra thin plywood for cajon tapa construction.

What really sets out cajons apart from others is our removable external snare system. Since the snare is on the outside of the drum, the sound waves from the snare project out without first bouncing around the inside of the drum.  This makes the snare sound more crisp and less "reverby".

You can also remove the snare in seconds, turning the drum into a traditional Peruvian style cajon.

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