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CajonTab 12" Pro Series - Bubinga

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This 12" Pro Series drum is made from solid bubinga, a rosewood-like hardwood. Bubinga is loved by woodworkers for its strength and toughness and easy of working. 

This drum is approximately 12 inches by 12 inches by 4 inches, making it one inch deeper than our Standard and Jumbo models. The extra inch allows the drum to resonate more, but adds additional weight and bulk to the drum.  Because of this, we recommend our Pro Series for studio and recording purposes where the added weight is not a concern.

This drum includes a free Louson Drums black guitar strap.

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  • I want a pro 12” and care mainly about the badss resonance / thump as opposed to the snare/ crisp / high end. Which do you recommend (or which should I avoid?)

    The 12" Pro Series will all sound fairly similar, even when made out of different wood types.  There are subtle differences but they are difficult to notice.  There may be a slightly warmer tone from a lighter wood like cherry than a dense wood like bubinga. The dense woods may have a bit more attack and volume.