How to select a CajonTab®


In a nutshell, we recommend:

-The 10 inch CajonTab with snare for beginners, people with small to medium hands, and people looking for a snare-forward drum.

- The 12 inch Jumbo CajonTab with snare for people looking for a lower drum with lower bass tones, but less pronounced snare. 

-A Pro Series drum for a recording professional or professional percussionist, an exotic wood-lover, or the performer who values style and good looks. 

The 10 inch CajonTab® :


The 10 inch drum is our most popular model, due to its very small size and slim profile as well as its punchy and present snare tone. Like all of our CajonTabs®, this drum changes pitch as you open or close the sound port.  Opening creates a more present bass tone, while closing it creates a more crisp snare. Here are various samples of the 10 inch drum with and without the snare, and with the sound hole opened and closed. Note the difference in bass presence with the sound hole opened.

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Also note the difference without the snare. Without the snare the drum becomes very resonant and open.


The 12 inch Jumbo CajonTab®:

The 12 inch Jumbo CajonTab® has a lower tone than the 10 inch CajonTab®. We like to tell people that if the 10 inch is the alto, this drum is the tenor. The extra size makes this drum more resonant with lower lows but also lower snare tones.  We recommend this drum for individuals with larger hands as well as people looking to provide more of the low end.

Here are some samples of the 12 inch Jumbo, with and without snare:

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And here are some samples of the 12 inch CajonTab Jumbo without snare:

And last but not least, the Pro Series:

The Pro Series drums are our biggest and best.  We make these drums from unique exotic woods such as padauk, bubinga, or bocote (pictured above). These drums are typically an inch deeper (4 inches instead of 3), and often include unique solid wood or composite snare frames and tapa beds.

Pro Series drums made from wood such as padauk, bubinga, or purple heart tend to be heavier than our standard birch plywood boxes. The additional density gives the drum slightly more resonance at the expense of weight. We recommend these drums for studio and recording use, for individuals  with larger hands, and for the exotic wood aficionado.

Here are some samples of the 12 inch Pro Series (this sample is a Padauk CajonTab)

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And here are some samples of a 12 inch Pro Series without a snare:


If you are uncertain which drum to get, we recommend a 10 inch for people with small to average hands and a 12 inch for people with larger than average hands. Our drums also ship with a money back guarantee, so if you try it and don't like it you can return it for a refund. Just pay shipping.  We stand by our products and think you will love them!

If you think you know which drum you'd like, you can click the links below to shop each individual style:

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For 12 inch Jumbo CajonTabs®:

For Pro Series CajonTabs®:

Thank you for your interest in Louson Drums and the CajonTab®!