How to play CajonTab videos

Check out these videos for some tips on playing the CajonTab. These videos can easily be applied to the cajon, as well as other percussion instruments.


This first video is a demonstration of a very skilled CajonTab player. It isn't instruction but is very fun to watch! Thanks @beatsbybeard for this submission. Music credits to Cuñao (@cunaomusic)

Kalani Das has some great tips for finger techniques:
He also has a nice general demo of the CajonTab:


Our friend Janelle Burdell aka Udugirl from has posted some great quick tip videos as well. 


And another Janelle quick tip demos the three basic tones:

In this video, Janelle shows a technique for using brushes with full size cajon as well as snare cajontab.

In this video, a side by side comparison of the Standard and Jumbo CajonTabs is shown. Note the differences not only between the two models, but also among the tones within one model. Learning these differences allows a CajonTab player to create complex rhythms from a simple wooden hand drum.


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