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How to pick a CajonTab® size:

Our best selling drum is the 10 inch CajonTab® with snare.  Its an excellent all-purpose hand drum with great snare tone and pop. We recommend the 10 inch size for people with smaller hands and those who intend to transport the drum frequently.  Its small size and weight (about 4 pounds) make it very convenient. This drum is higher in pitch than the 12" size, but still has a great bass tone given its small size. (Natural, espresso, woodland, and black refer to the snare bar color)




 Our 12 inch CajonTab® is a great choice if you don't mind increasing size for a lower pitched drum with deeper lows. This drum is slightly heavier than the 10 inch, but not by much (4.5 pounds vs 4 pounds). You may notice the additional size if you are transporting this drum in a backpack or similar bag, but it is still much easier to carry than many other hand drums. These are a great choice for individuals with larger hands.


In addition to our Standard 10" and Jumbo 12" sizes, we also build a line of custom CajonTabs called the Pro Series. These drums feature solid hardwoods, SpectraPly trim and snares, and additional shell depth (typically 4 inches vs 3 inches). The extra inch of depth creates a more resonant drum, but much like the Jumbo, at the cost of bulk and weight. We recommend these drums for studio and recording settings and indoor settings, primarily because of their additional size and weight.

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