CajonTab: A mobile cajon drum

We want to change the way you play cajon. Introducing...

So what the heck is it? We get that a lot.

CajonTab is a small cajon drum. Its as simple as that!  Louson Drums began as a custom drum and cajon company in 2015.  Early in our company's history, we began selling our drums at local craft shows and festivals.  At our very first shows we were only selling full sized cajon drums and some accessories like foot tambourines.  Our drums were popular, but they were definitely a niche item. Take a look at this early Louson Drums booth, with cajon drums overflowing!

Louson Drums craft booth

Back then we made a few "mini cajon" drums, as you can see in the picture.  We realized these drums were popular because people didn't want to carry the large full sized wooden cajon drums around after they bought them. And we understood. We had to lug them all into the show and then back out afterwards!  

Carrying 10 or 20 cajon drums to a gig was a serious drag! We had to experience the inconvenience of carrying cajon drums ourselves to realize that musicians really need other options.  What if you could pack 6 or 10 drums into a carry case that normally would only fit one cajon? Wouldn't that make things easier?

Thats why we started making the CajonTab.  Its playing surface is roughly the size of a large "tablet" computer, and its depth is only about 3 inches. These drums can be worn with a guitar strap for complete freedom of movement. No more being stuck sitting on your cajon... Now you cajon goes with you!

Our first few months selling these drums were very telling.  People were astonished that such great sounds could come out of such a small drum.  We tell them it works on the same principles as a traditional cajon, being an all wooden instrument with a sound chamber and sound hole.

Here are some video clips of the CajonTab in action. Headphones are recommended!


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