9-note D
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9-note D "Amara" Steel Handpan - copper patina finish

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This is a 9-note steel handpan in "D Amara" tuning.  The notes of the handpan are D (the ding) A, C, D, E, F, G, A, C.

Playing a handpan is a unique and lovely experience.  The entire handpan resonates and projects an ethereal and soothing tone.  The instrument has 9 notes, corresponding to the indentations on the drum and may be played by hand or with mallets (gently).

This is an elegant instrument which is best used as part of mindfulness, meditation, sound bath and sound therapy, songwriting, yoga practice, and other calm and soothing musical practices. Reiki and energy practitioners may also benefit from incorporating a resonant instrument such as a handpan.

This handpan includes a hardshell Evatek carrying case. We highly recommend always protecting your handpan by traveling with it secured in its case!

 UPDATE 05/10/2021: We are pleased to announce our partnership with MasterTheHandpan.com! David has some really great instructional videos, and I can vouch for the beginner course.  It is packed with great content for the handpan beginner, and we will be pointing all of our new students to MasterTheHandpan.com for instruction! You can use coupon code "LOUSONDRUMS" at checkout for $30 off their normal price!

More product information:

Origin: China

Maker: Prima Handpan, a new handpan company focusing on stainless steel handpans and a variety of scales.  We tested several makers before settling on Prima, in part because of their partnership with Evatek, makers of the hardshell protective case that is included with your handpan order.  They are passionate about the handpan community and we are proud to partner with them to bring you these quality instruments.

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 550 mm / 21 inches

Care and maintenance: Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and always take great care to never drop the instrument as this can cause it to go out of tune.  We also recommend restraint when playing the handpan; one does not need to play with excessive force or power.  We recommend washing your hands before playing, to remove some of the oils and salts on your hands which can degrade the "stainless" part of the stainless steel. Store the handpan in a safe, dry location away from pets or young children.  You may occasionally apply a food grade oil such as Phoenix Oil for handpans to protect your instrument.  Stainless steel products can last for years, if they are properly maintained.  Always remove water and moisture from your handpan as soon as possible, and especially before storing it.  For more information on learning to play the handpan, see the note above regarding MasterTheHandpan.com!

A note regarding tuning: A handpan should stay in tune for years.  However, in the event that they are detuned (from being dropped, overplayed, etc), we will need to send the handpan back to the manufacturer for retuning.  This will incur a fee, likely in the several hundreds of dollars.  Please take heed and don't drop your handpan!  Stay mindful and respectful of your instrument and it will reward you for many years to come.


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