10” Pro Series CajonTab - cherry

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Classic cherry frame, 10” x 4” with cherry snare.

Our drums include both the snare attachment and a black Louson Drums logo shoulder strap. We also allow for 60-day returns, just pay return postage.  We want you to feel comfortable trying or gifting our drums!

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  • I don't see weight listed on any of these products. Can you include how much they weigh? Seems like an important consideration when they're hanging from your shoulder. Thanks!

    Good point! The CajonTabs weigh around 4-5 lbs, with the 12" size weighing 0.5-1 lbs more than the 10" sizes typically.  Weight differences between the 10" and 12" models are modest compared to the 14" bass edition model which is closer to 10 lbs.  The 10" and 12" drums can be worn comfortably for hours by most people, but the 14" size can be a bit much for a long standing performance.

  • Can you get the click snare for this item?

    Hi, apologies for the delay! I missed this question!


    We sell the click snare attachments separetely too! They can be added to any of our drums, or really anything you want since they attach via velcro sticky pad.