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12" Pro Series CajonTab®: baltic birch

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Due to popular demand for a larger baltic birch CajonTab®, we have introduced the 12" Pro Series CajonTab: basic birch.  This drum combines the durable and economic birch frame material with the extra size and volume of the 4" deep Pro Series line.

This drum is a great workhorse, whether you are playing with an acoustic guitar, voice, a small ensemble, or even alone!  

Our instruments include the strap as well as the snare attachment, and they ship with a 60-day money back guarantee.  Send them back for a full refund if you don't love them, just pay shipping.

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  • can the snare be moved to the side without removing it? How does this baltic burch sound compared to mahogany, walnut,...? What is the difference between this model and CajonTab® Jumbo 12" with natural external snare Regular price$219.00

    The snare can be slid to the bottom of the drum, off the playing surface, without removing it from the drum.  The 12" baltic birch pro series is the same drum as the regular 12" drum, but it is 12" x 4" instead of 12" x 3".  The extra inch is depth gives it a touch more resonance and volume.