What should we expect as a drum company going to NAMM for the first time?

I usually write a blog post to introduce one of our new drums, but today I'm writing as a way of organizing my thoughts around something I'm pretty excited about: going to NAMM for the first time as a new company.

We were founded in 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally, our intention was to make custom drum kits as well as refurbish old ones.  We quickly shifted gears when our early craft shows and markets started going so well with first our cajon drums and then the CajonTab®.  

Things have been great and we're so grateful our drums have taken off the way they have. We've thought about going to NAMM in the past, but we didn't feel we were ready to make the financial investment to attend.  Booths are quite expensive, not to mention the cost of transporting our products, ourselves, etc.  This year we're feeling ready and eager to expand into more music stores.  

So I took the plunge and signed Louson Drums up as an exhibitor at the Summer NAMM in Nashville, June 28-30. We will be exhibiting in a "small booth" which is 8 feet by 6 feet with a 6 foot table.  I ordered a cool custom Louson Drums logo tablecloth, and after I finish this blog post I will be ordering some tabletop furnishings as well as a mannequin.  We will use the mannequin (maybe just the top half for table top) to display our CajonTab® and show the visitor that its a wearable instrument.

My booth will include several CajonTab® demo drums, an email signup, brochures, and of course order forms!  I don't yet know what to expect in terms of volume of purchase orders.  I'm also just interested to raise awareness about our drums in general, since we're such a new company.

Its an exciting time for the company! If you happen to be attending the convention, come find us and say hi! And if you've ever been an exhibitor and want to give me any advice, I'll happily take it. Send me a message through our contact form.  I'd really appreciate it!