Using the CajonTab in a professional setting

As we continue introducing the CajonTab to the broad market of percussionists, we have learned more and more about the lives of music professionals and how often their routines are dictated by moving their equipment. "Schlepping" is a word we hear a lot. Our small wooden drums can really come in handy, especially when carrying half a dozen drums or more.

Often drum circle organizers have to haul dozens of odd-shaped djembes or similar drums. These drums are terrific, but sometimes convenience matters. Our square design and low volume (less than 0.25 cubic feet) allow our drums to easily pack into a carry case. You can carry six drums (or more!) over your shoulder with a carry case.

In fact, we recommend wearing two different CajonTabs for even more options. A Jumbo CajonTab and Standard CajonTab together can create a wide variety of tones. These drums also allow upright playing, but can also be played in the lap or resting on the ground.  This versatility is very useful, especially to Music Therapists and others who have a need to connect motion, sound, and a desired therapeutic goal.

Have a look at our Music Therapist Drum Packs. They are an efficient and economic alternative to larger hand drums.