The trend towards portability and mobility in music making

Music making has become more and more portable thanks to the smartphone revolution.

Although most finished productions are still created in a studio, music makers today are more mobile than ever.  I have spoken to countless musicians while promoting Louson Drums.  A theme I see over and over is the singer/songwriter using voice memo or Garageband to record melodies or beats when the inspiration strikes.

One unique feature of the CajonTab® is its small size.  This allows the instrument to accompany you in ways that would be inconvenient for larger drums such as a traditional sit-down cajon drum or large djembe.  Our original 10 inch CajonTab® weighs about 4 pounds and can easily fit in a backpack.  

Our CajonTab® instruments are great for travel.

The beat is the heart of music.  Playing music around a campfire should involve more than just a guitar.  We invented the CajonTab® to give musicians a more convenient percussion option for your adventures.

Check out the 10" CajonTab® for maximum portability

This is our original size and is still the most popular drum we make.  We love how easy this drum is to play and transport and we think you will too!