The Top 9 Drum Accounts on Instagram Part 1

If you're new to Instagram and are looking for new drumming accounts to follow, we have a few suggestions.

Here are nine excellent drumming accounts. I'm not claiming these are definitively "the best" because there are a ton of great accounts out there, but these are rock solid follows if you're looking for excellent curation of user submitted drum clips from around the world.

1. @thedrumheadspod

The Drum Heads Pod

The guy who runs this podcast is super cool and engaged. When Louson Drums was first starting out, this guy posted about being bored during a car ride and suggested someone call him to keep him company. I thought "what the heck! I need to talk to someone who knows the drum industry!" so I called him up out of the blue (after a DM, of course!) and we chatted for a few minutes. I'm a pretty introverted person so there were many moments of awkward silence, but it was a cool experience anyways! This guy has a huge library of podcasts about drums and drumming. 

2. @drumlads

Drumlads Instagram

This is another solid Instagram account for drummers. They frequently post some really stunning setups from around the world, as well as some other unique percussion. Expect mostly traditional set up shots (overheads) as well as some up close product shots and videos.

3. @drumsupply

drum supply logo

These guys are very friendly and approachable. They even run a small drum store themselves! Check out their product shots and some quality reposts from around the industry.


Drum sharing logo

If you're looking for an instagram account with a related YouTube channel, look no further. This account has terrific video, including many reposts from drummers around the world.

5. @drumsdaily

Drums Daily Logo

This account has a lot of followers, a lot of videos, and a lot of set ups.  The quality of the drumming they post is remarkable. Worth a follow, for sure.

6. @drumset.up 

drumset.up logo

I love this account! Before I wrote this blog post, I posted a shoutout to the nine accounts listed in this list to thank them for their curating and for their previous shoutouts. Before I could even finish this post, @drumset.up had already reposted one of our images. On the ball! Thanks for keeping a great account!

7. @drumsoutlet

Drums Outlet Logo

This is an incredibly prolific account with an extremely large following. Expect lots and lots of terrific overhead drum set up photos. If you're looking to share your setup with lots and lots of people, I'd suggest trying to get their attention.

8. @drumsview

Drummers View Logo

As the name and logo imply, this account is exclusively "birds eye view" drum set up photos. Keeping the core theme intact makes this page pretty great. If you just want to stare at gorgeous drum set ups, follow this account!

9. @drumcommunity

Drum Community Logo

This is an excellent community sharing account. Almost all of their posts are user submissions of drummers. Its terrific to browse all their clips to see all these great drummers of instagram! Drummers need encouragement and feedback, just like all musicians! Posting to a drum-related account is a great way to get feedback from other drummers.

There are of course many, many other excellent drum accounts on Instagram (including ours! Check us out: @LousonDrums). I'll be posting another edition of "The Best Drum Accounts on Instagram" shortly! Stay tuned! 

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