CajonTab demo by Kalani Das

When we first met Kalani Das at the American Music Therapy Association's national convention in Sandusky, Ohio in November 2016, he was in a rush to borrow a shaker for a presentation he was giving. We were more than happy to oblige. 

Although I didn't know who he was at first, Janelle told us he was a pretty big deal in the world of percussion and music therapy. She tends to know what she's talking about.

A few months based, and we reached out to Kalani. Our offer was pretty simple: check out our CajonTab on the house and tell us what you think. We're constantly looking for feedback from professionals to improve our drums and his opinion is important to us.

Kalani graciously accepted and posted a series of videos featuring the CajonTab to his YouTube page.

We recommend going directly to his feed at to check out his videos. While the two videos featured above are both listed, there is a third video featuring some advanced finger roll techniques for the CajonTab which is only available to patrons.  If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, they provide a platform for creators to publish videos directly to their patrons. In Kalani's case, his videos as part of the World Drum Club series, provide excellent tips and reviews of countless percussion instruments from around the world. You can support him simply by pledging a dollar amount per video he publishes, to a maximum monthly amount. We signed up for $1 per video, for a max of $5 per month. Its a small price to pay to encourage him to continue producing this content. Go check him out! Again, that address is

Thanks, Kalani!