CajonTab® 14” Edición Bajo
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CajonTab® 14” Edición Bajo

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Si está buscando un cajón bajo portátil, no busque más.

El CajonTab®️ de 14” es el CajonTab más grande que fabricamos. ¡Si lo hiciéramos más grande, sería un cajón de tamaño completo!

Este tambor es lo suficientemente grande como para producir graves impresionantes que golpean el esternón, pero aún así es lo suficientemente liviano como para transportarlo e incluye una correa gratis. La trampa externa se puede agregar o quitar al igual que nuestros otros CajonTabs. Este tambor también se puede montar sobre un soporte de caja.

Questions & Answers

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  • What are the dimensions and diameter of sound hole

    It is approximately 4.5 inches in diameter.  We have tested it with a product called a CajonPort® (third party product) and the port fits very well.  The sound hole on our bass edition is actually the same as on our full size cajon drum.

  • What is this cahon made from?

    The frame and back panel are birch.  The playing surface is mahogany/poplar ply.  Thanks for asking!

  • Is there a case available for it or will there be? It is obviously too big for the messenger bag offered on your website. Will you also consider selling a stand for it so we do not need to god elsewhere for a snare stand and protectors?

    We do not currently have a case for this.  We do have snare drum stands for sale (not listed), as well as "Booty Shakers", which are rubber pads for the snare stands to protect the drum from the stand arms.  The booty shakers are listed in the accessories section.  If you'd like to order a snare stand with your order, please contact me at Carson @ louson drums dot com.

  • Are the birch panels birch plywood or solid wood?

    The frame is birch ply.