Large spiral rainstick - amaranth fill

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This large spiral rainstick is a one of a kind creation by musical artist Noah Rectenwald and is on display in our Shadyside store in Pittsburgh, PA.

Noah’s visually stunning rainsticks create a soothing natural white noise that can aid in sleep or meditation.  These functional pieces of art can also be used to record long samples for soundtracks, music, or performance.

This rainstick uses amaranth, a small ancient grain, as the fill material. The grains fall through a small aperture and then cascade down the internal bamboo staircase to create a gentle rain sound.  This rainstick will run for around 7 minutes.  

Recommended for home use, yoga studio or guided meditation, bedtime, audio recording, performing arts, and more.


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  • How tall is this and what is the diameter?

    It is around 48" tall and 4" wide.