Claves - Hard Maple Claves
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Hard Maple Claves

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Claves are traditionally made from very hard, dense woods such as ebony and rosewood. 

These hard maple claves are a pragmatic choice for the percussionist who wants a pair of hardwood claves on a budget.

Claves are idiophones, meaning the sound comes from the instrument itself being struck. There is no resonating drumhead, only the sound of the wood itself. 

This makes harder woods produce a more sharp click when used as a clave than a softer wood.

These hard maple claves are very dense and hard and are a great domestic wood alternative to exotic woods like cocobolo and bubinga.

They can create slightly different clicks by sticking them at different points along the length of the clave, and with different grips.

Claves are great instruments to accompany a larger percussion ensemble or group and are a must have to complete any serious percussion toolkit.

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