Applejack SpectraPly tapa bed on a CajonTab Pro series
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Whether its a gift for an unsuspecting percussionist or a custom CajonTab built just for you, Louson Drums is ready to start your custom hand drum today. We offer various woods, finishes, paints, sizes, and even offer custom laser engraving to truly make your drum an individual.

The custom CajonTabs in the photos represent various finish options  as well as structural options such as the SpectraPly tapa bed as seen in our Pro series. Adding a SpectraPly tapa bed increases the depth of the CajonTab by about 1 inch, making a slightly larger resonant chamber. Larger size means more air to displace which translates into a lower tone and increased resonance. The good looks are a bonus.

We offer 4 types of wood for the construction of the frame: 

  • birch
  • oak
  • poplar
  • maple
The woods have slightly different acoustic properties based on their physical properties, but they are all fairly hard and dense and thus sound fairly similar. The birch is a Baltic birch plywood and probably the lightest material if weight is a concern, while the oak, poplar, and maple are solid wood. We recommend picking the wood you find the most attractive. For example, Oak has striking grain patterns as seen in the "Marina Blues" design while Baltic birch has a smooth and subtle grain pattern. If you are uncertain about wood selection, please just ask! 

We also offer two tapa materials:
  • birch
  • mahogany

(If you are unfamiliar with the term tapa, it refers to the thin playing surface of the cajon.)

The birch tapa material is slightly thicker than the mahogany material. It produces are slightly higher pitched tone than the mahogany, with more attack but less resonance and sustain. We recommend birch tapas on the 12" Jumbo frames over the 10" Standard frames. The slightly thicker birch tapa takes well to the larger frame. We recommend mahogany tapa material for 10" Standard frames.

In addition to the size and materials used to make your drum, you may also select side and bottom colors, tapa colors, and even any logos or images you would like to have laser engraved on the tapa or the back panel!

To receive your free custom-built CajonTab quote, add this item to your cart and checkout. Include your custom CajonTab ideas in the comments section. You won't need a credit card or any form of payment. We will get in touch promptly!

Questions & Answers

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  • Hey guys, I'm interested in ordering a CajonTab, but I'd like to have a pickup with a 1/4" output to plug into a PA or amp when needed. Have you guys tried adding a built-in pickup? Thanks!

    Yes, we can make a custom box with a simple piezo disc pickup and 1/4" jack.  It's a simple pickup but surprisingly good because it's a vibrational pickup and the drum is, well, vibrational!

    If you're interested in having us install a pickup, email me at

  • I would like to get a 10" cajon that sounds as close to a african djembe. What woods would be best to use for this ?

    I'm not an expert on djembes, but I do know a little bit about their construction and sound.

    The wood selected for a djembe will have a greater impact on its heaviness than it will on its sound.  The bigger influences would be head type and thickness and ring placement as well as tuning.

    Similarly, I don't see wood type impacting the sound of our instruments as much as the tapa size and thickness. 

    Your choice of wood should be made with weight, durability, and aesthetics in mind.  A lightweight wood like poplar can be a great choice for mobility, while others may choose a wood like oak for its density (weight) and grain patterns. Many djembes are made from harder woods like ironwood or African oak. 

    As for choosing a CajonTab that sounds like a djembe, I would suggest a 12" Jumbo model with a 4" depth and a soundhole cover.  The cover allows you to change the size of the sound hole, changing the pitch of the drum.