CajonTab- Jumbo 12" portable cajon drum

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The Jumbo CajonTab (12"x12"x3") is a unique percussion option. The slightly larger tapa size produces a lower tone with more reverberation and thump than the standard 10".  While the bass tones are lower, the slap tones are also lower. We recommend purchasing this drum to be used as the bass voice in your percussion arrangement, or purchasing a 12" as well as a 10" for playing two drums at once. We like positioning the Jumbo on our strong hand side and the Standard on our weak hand side. 

CajonTab is a convenient option for the percussionist who travels frequently. Our customers include music therapists, music educators, teachers, addiction councillors, street performers, acoustic artists, drummers, and more. 

Free yourself from the burden of other large percussion instruments like Djembes or Congas. Our CajonTab ships with a 60 day guarantee. Send it back if you don't like it and we'll issue a refund. We're confident you'll enjoy it!

This drum ships with a free black guitar strap and installed guitar strap buttons.

For a free quote, visit our custom-built CajonTab page to design your own CajonTab.