CajonTab® 12" Pro Series - Padauk/Poplar/Purpleheart (PPP) with snare

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Can't choose between Padauk, Poplar, or Purpleheart?

Why not enjoy all three wood types with this truly unique handmade instrument?

This drum was carefully crafted using three types of exotic solid wood:

Padauk is a fiery red when freshly cut, and will mature over time into a deeper red.

Poplar is known for its flowing wood grain and color variations.

Purpleheart is a striking hardwood, known for its obvious purple coloration but also for its dense wood and suitability as a tone wood. 

Our Pro Series drums are 4 inches deep and approximately 12 inches on each side, making them slightly larger than our Jumbo 12" drums. The extra inch of depth creates a slightly more resonant drum, but also a larger and heavier drum. For this reason, we suggest the Pro Series for indoor and studio use while the Standard and Jumbo models are more suited for travel and outdoor use, if only because they are lighter and easier to carry.

But if you're looking for a high quality, beautiful instrument that will be at home in a studio or living room, this drum is for you.

Includes a black guitar strap and removable external snare system.