CajonTab - CajonTab® 12" Poured Series - "Digital Daydream"
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CajonTab® 12" Poured Series - "Digital Daydream"

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In case you are unfamiliar, our Poured Series drums are each unique creations, painted using a poured acrylic technique.

The process is chaotic and the results are equally unpredictable. Each drum is named by us based on what the painting evokes in our minds, but what you see or feel may be totally different.  That is the beauty of art and abstract painting.

This drum is called "Digital Daydream" for no particular reason; it just come to me upon reflection.

This drum includes a black guitar strap and a solid black external snare.

Materials used:

acrylic paint

fluid medium for acrylic paint

silicone oil



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