9-note d minor/f major intermediate Steel Handpan - copper patina finish (padded case)
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9-note d minor/f major intermediate Steel Handpan - copper patina finish (padded case)

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Note: This handpan includes a padded case.   

This is a 9-note steel handpan in d minor/f major scale.

Playing a handpan is a unique and lovely experience.  The entire handpan resonates and projects an ethereal and soothing tone.  The instrument has 9 notes, corresponding to the indentations on the drum and may be played by hand or with mallets (gently).

This is an elegant instrument which is best used as part of mindfulness, meditation, sound bath and sound therapy, songwriting, yoga practice, and other calm and soothing musical practices. Reiki and energy practitioners may also benefit from incorporating a resonant instrument such as a handpan.


UPDATE 05/10/2021: We are pleased to announce our partnership with MasterTheHandpan.com! David has some really great instructional videos, and I can vouch for the beginner course.  It is packed with great content for the handpan beginner, and we will be pointing all of our new students to MasterTheHandpan.com for instruction! You can use coupon code "LOUSONDRUMS" at checkout for $30 off their normal price!

Note: This instrument is imported from China.  We would love to build these instruments ourselves, but we don’t have the facilities or experience to make them. (yet!) We tested several manufacturers and absolutely vouch for the quality of these instruments!  As such, they are covered under our 60-day return policy.  You can buy with confidence knowing we will honor your return if you don’t like the instrument.

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