Cling On Acoustic Pickup for Guitar, Cajon, CajonTab®
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Cling On Acoustic Pickup for Guitar, Cajon, CajonTab®

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The Cling On pickup was a Best in Show winner at NAMM 2018 for a reason.  This little pickup can be installed very quickly on any thin resonant surface like a guitar soundboard or in our case the tapa of a cajon or CajonTab®.

We were introduced to the Cling On pickup at Summer NAMM in Nashville and were blown away with how easy it was to install and how good it sounded with our drums. 

The Cling On can be mounted on any thin surface via a powerful magnetic disk which goes on the underside of the tapa. The pickup itself is a powerful magnet which will clamp securely to the face of your instrument via magnetic attraction. This means it can easily go on or off, just like our snare attachment!

Our customers have been asking for a pickup option since we first started selling CajonTabs® in 2015.  We are happy to find a good match with the Cling On pickup!

This pickup is great for small venues and intimate settings where you need more output than the drum provides naturally. As it is a contact pickup, feedback will occur if played at too loud a level.

However, the pickup works wonders at moderate volume. Check out this great demo video from the makers of Cling On Pickup:

The Cling On Pickup:

  • is a passive contact pickup (piezoelectric)
  • has onboard volume control
  • 1/4" adapter with strap button clip
  • can attach to a cajon face, guitar body, or CajonTab®

Questions & Answers

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  • How is this attached and plugged into an amp?

    The pickup itself attaches via a magnetic disc, which is attached to the underside of the playing surface.  The pickup leads to a 1/4" jack that can plug into an amp.  It's a pretty quick and easy setup!

  • Do I need to purchase a chord to go with this so Incan plug it into my amp or does it come with a chord?? Thanks :)

    It will work with any 1/4" guitar cable so if you already have one, you won't need to buy another!

  • I like the product, price and practicality. After all the pictures I still don’t understand how it will stick to my ukulele. Where and how is magnet installed under the bridge or similar area. Or it does the distance does not matter ..... but would not the head “ travel”, move, toward the magnetic source...? I know this may be dumb, but I’ll take the chance....

    The magnet that is installed under the bridge is stuck there with a piece of poster putty; it won't slide around but will stay wherever you put it!  The magnetic attraction will work through the soundboard of the uke and the pickup will "cling".  I hope that makes sense!

  • How is this being held on the drum? I am a Blue Washboard player...and am looking at this mike for use with my many can it be taken off and used with other drums (Washboards) or is it stuck to what instrument only?

    This pickup is attached via a small magnetic disc, which is applied to the underside of the playing surface.  The magnetic attraction pulls the pickup to the magnet and holds it in place.  It is a contact mic so it will pick up all the vibrations from the washboard, too.  I haven't tried it with a washboard but I think it would work well.

  • what is the best amplifier for the Cling On Acoustic Pickup in your opinion....?

    I think you'll want a small to medium size amp or monitor.  These contact pickups can perform will with light amplification, but they are going to feedback as soon as that playing surface begins to resonate from the amplified sound waves. I wouldn't recommend using this pickup if you need to amplify percussion for a very loud performance, but do recommend for a small intimate performance like a club, lounge, small to medium size church, etc.