CajonTab®️Kalimba - 10 inch
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CajonTab®️Kalimba - 10 inch

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Meet the newest member of the CajonTab®️ family: CajonTab®️ Kalimba!

We have created a unique way to play Kalimba.  We added a Kalimba to our external snare support and were blown away by what we discovered.  The drumhead acts as a resonator for the Kalimba and enhances its volume.  By adding protective padding, our design allows the Kalimba to also function as a beater for the drum head.

This is a unique hybrid percussion instrument and is great for both percussionists and Kalimba players!

The CajonTab®️ Kalimba includes a complete CajonTab®️ with snare attachment as well as the Kalimba attachment.  Our CajonTabs®️ also include a free black guitar strap.

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Questions & Answers

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  • This comes with 2 attachments?

    Yes, it comes with a Kalimba attachment as well as the original snare attachment.  We wanted to just add the Kalimba to our existing snare, but early R&D proved this to be a very bad idea... the snare wires buzzed like crazy when the Kalimba was played! So we took the snare wire off the Kalimba attachment and include the original snare attachment so you can choose which one to use!

  • What wood is this one made out of

    The drum is our standard birch ply with mahogany/poplar topa.  The kalimba attachment is mahogany.